Monarch's Product Freedom GST

Monarch`s Freedom GST Software (Full GST law software with Accounting) Designed for Tax Professionals with simple user Interface Entry Module.
 Its Complete window interface software with highly secure database system.
 Generate and Check invoices to Govt. Server in a few Clicks.
 HSN code, SAC code and GST rate suggestion for all goods and Services.
 Integrates with India`s GSTN to file online GST returns in a single click.

Nominal Rate of: Freedom GST

Installation charges including 1 year service support Rs. 10500.00 * Rs. 13500.00 *
AMC(Annual Maintenance Service Charges or Budget to Budget upgraded) Rs. 2500 * Rs. 4000 *

Note : * means Amount should be Add with Tax or Less with discount.

Download Set Up With Sql Download Set Up Without Sql